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We offer state inspection for AUTOS , LIGHT TRUCKS up to 17,000 lbs , MOTORCYCLES , and TRAILERS over 3000 lbs ( boat, car, horse, tag a long campers, construction ) and other trailers , including trailers over 10,000 lbs , as well as minor repairs. Also offer LUBE , OIL & FILTER changes ( gas engines only ) diesel engines-oil change on request @ slightly higher prices. Selling REBUILT TURBO 350 TRANSMISSIONS, 150 dollars exchanged , TURBO 350 , 4x4 175 dollars exchanged. Please call for more info.
EMISSION TESTING is now being done, determined by the County in which you live. Many are different from each other. Here in Schuylkill County we have a visual anti-tampering check, which is part of the annual safety inspection. All vehicles will need all factory equipped emission systems to be on and working to pass inspection. Effective start date is 12/1/03.Some exceptions are vehicles over 11,000 lbs, collectible and classic tag vehicles, to name a few. In other Counties they may be using a different method and require a different emission test and separate emission sticker in addition to the normal safety inspection sticker. The emission test will need to be done first, then you can take that vehicle anywhere to have the safety inspection done. Some issues are still to be determined.
A valid registration ( owners card ) and current insurance ID Card, Binder, or Declaration Page from your insurance policy, for the vehicle in question.
Calling For An Appointment
When you call please have the year , make, and model of the vehicle as well as a working call back number in case of a problem, or if we need to cancel the appointment for any reason. We do not give out unlisted numbers to anyone. They are for our records only to contact you in case of a problem or a cancellation. Please do not use email contact to make appointments, as I don't always have enough time to check all emails daily.
We also offer afternoons, evenings, and weekend appointments to fit you and your work hours.
REPLACEMENT STICKERS for Broken Windshields
If you should need a replacement sticker, you will need the old sticker so that the sticker serial number can be recorded, as required by law, as being a replacement. If your glass shop/windshield installer removes and then replaces your same old sticker you could have a legal problem. Most times they will show void and/or peel off slowly anyhow.You should take your old sticker back to the shop who inspected your vehicle and ask for a replacement sticker to make it legal.
How Early Can I Get My Vehicle Inspected ?
You have a three month time period. The month your current sticker expires and two months previous, as long as they are in sinc. Example,your sticker expires on March '03. You can come in as early as Jan 1st '03 and get the latest inspection done with an expiration date of March '04.
My old 69, Z-28 in Hugger Orange/Black
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